Astronomy Field Trips

Pikes Peek


Elevation 14,115 Colorado 2020

Highway to the clouds!
Almost there
The end of the timber line.
Half way stop. Quacking Aspen

Summit selfie
Under difficultconstruction 2020
Famous High altitude doughnut
No driving mistakes allowed!
A little hard to breath here
Historic original summit house

Palomar Mountain Observatory

Hale 200" telescope

California 2019

Beautiful day to be on the mountain. Sailplanes going over as we walked up the hill.
The walk up the hill!
Art deco dome
Such a work of art the dome is.
The famous horseshoe mount

The upper cage where the astronomer would sit at prime focus to take images in the past. Biter cold to say the least.

Humm. Is wearing a GreenbankT-shirt disrespectful.?
The instrument platform is used for the camera now.
The Polar axis.
The mirror cell.

Royal Observatory

Greenwich, England


The path to the Observatory through a beautiful park. 360 view

Humm, there's that Greenbank t-shirt again. Quick trip across the pond maybe. Not hardly.

Standing on the prime meridian feeling a little split personality going on.
Time ball. Does this seem familiar? Used to signal time to ships in the Thames for setting the ships navigation clock. Just like times square! The same technique was used at the Naval Observatory to the ships in the potomac.
View from the observatory deck looking toward the thames river.

Transit scope doors

Transit scope

GreenBank Observatory

Greenbank, West Virginia


Beautiful day for a trip through the mountains.
Looks small from here. Not! No close up pictures allowed unless you have film!
Wow. It worked as well. I had to let the kids give it a try! No cellular service allowed around these parts. This area is in the quiet zone for radio astronomy.
Hiding scope
Early receiver used at the observatory.
A little afternoon weather moving in with some very intense lightning that followed.

Lowell Observatory

Mars Hill

Flagstaff Arizona 2016

Welcome to Mars Hill!
The rotunda
Inside the Rotunda for a lecture.
The Rotunda center light.
The Clark refractor looking nice after its restoration since my last visit. A Sears mail order frying pan aperture cover still being used!
The business end of the Pluto scope. The images were taken on glass plates with the holder seen in this picture. All images were hand guided requiring much patience and dedication in sub 0 temperatures.
The Pluto scope used by Clyde Tombaugh in finding Pluto and more.
Percival Lowell's tome

University of Florida

Teaching Observatory

Gainesville, Florida 2017

Florida Astronomy Teaching Observatory was originally located on a small hill south of the University Police Station overlooking what is now the Medical Center.
Established in 1956 to house an historic 8-inch Alvan Clark refracting telescope donated by a wealthy Chicago architect, Richard Schmidt to the University of Florida.
By the late 1960’s the university decided to build a Centrex telephone system building on this side. Consequently, the Observatory was moved to its present location south of the Reitz Union about 1970.

Florida Institute of Technology

Palm Bay, Florida 2016

Jack with the Observatory in the background

Jack at Public lecture night at the Institute of which I have attended many.

Sunspot Observatory

Sunspot, New Mexico 2000

Nearby private observatories.
The opticalinstrument table

Alamogordo, New Mexico from above
OpticalTable in use.

Apache Point

Sunspot, New Mexico 2000

Kitt Peak Observatory

Tucson, Arizona 2000

Operated by the National Science foundation.

The mountain is leased to the "Long Eye`s" from the generous Tohono O'odham Nation.

Lowell Observatory

Mars Hill

Flagstaff, Arizona 2000

McDonald Observatory

Ft Davis, Texas