Star parties

Marilyn Grage Highlands star party. Our first camping star party.
6" Dobsonian designed and constructed by me
Orange blossom special star party Tampa Florida. I met John Dobson here.
Orange Blossom Special star party Tampa florida. temp 28!
Sue Pearson, Gwen Grage, Ron Grage, Diane Cobb, pat Cobb at the Highlands star party
kissimmee Prairie preserve florida.
12" Goto Dobsonian designed and constructed by myself
kissimmee Prairie preserve. What a beautiful place and amazing dark skies to go with it.
My 12" goto dob and the crew setting up.
Richard Woodard and Ken macht KPP.
Richard Woodard setting his camper up on our favorite campsite for the telescopes at KPP.
Myself and Richard Woodard talking shop before sun down At Kissimmee prairie preserve.
Ron Grage and Ken Macht talking camping.
Wow what skies and view at KPP.
The late Bob Sears setting up at KPP.
Myself at Golden sands ocean park Sebastian Florida inlet setup and waiting for dark skies.
Indian River Astronomical Society mars close approach 20. WEe had hundreds come to view mars with its polar cap visible over two days on the vero beach courts parking garage.
Interesting skies while waiting for sun down.
The Indian River astronomy club setting up a large Dobsonian.
Myself setting up Kissimmee prairie preserve.
Marilyn Grage Kissimmee prairie preserve setting up.
The gang setting up at Kissimmee Prairie preserve
Relay for life 20 . No one believed i was looking at Saturn until a line formed! I raised a good bit of money for cancer that night.
One row at the Cheifland Astronomy Village star party
Me at the Chiefland Astronomy Village.
Cheifland Astro Village
My setup at the Chiefland astronomy village star party 20 .
my driveway observing center for the mercury transit 20 .
Rick Adams on the sun with my 6" refractor. Merury transit 20 .
Gdion Knapp Mercury Transit
Sue Pearson and Marilyn Grage mercury transit 20