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John T. Grage (Terry)

Born in Jacksonville Florida and currently residing in Sebastian Florida.

Graduated High school at Marshall High School Texas.

Graduated college at Texas State Technical Institute Waco, Texas

After working in the aviation industry for 18 years as an aircraft technician and inspector I am currently working in the medical equipment and Pharmacy profession at a 35 year Family owned pharmacy in Sebastian Florida.

Astronomy enthusiast astrophotography, Sky watcher. Aviation enthusiast power/glider pilot and mechanic. Space enthusiast. Fourth generation sail and power boat enthusiast. Model aviation power, glider, rotor craft enthusiast. Music enthusiast classical guitar, jazz baritone saxophone, native american flute and whistle. Philosophy and science enthusiast. Cooking and lover of Cuban coffee!

Learning is my passion and truly motivates me. I have been called a renaissance man by a few people. I like to call myself a walking question mark as Alan Alda does. Others have said I never finish anything! My standard answer is there is no finish. In my short life I have done so many things it is hard to remember them all, but they stay with me and make me who I am.

Currently I am trying not to be a bad citizen scientist and pursue a passion in astronomy!

A current project I am involved in is helping a P.H.D. student with data for a project researching Satellite position and orientation. I also have been tracking low earth orbiting objects.

My wife is a practicing Pharmacist.

I have two step children. One in a Doctoral program and one is finishing the International Baccalaureate program in High School.