The Original Geodesic Observatory

2 x 4 timbers are all that was required for the structure all cut to the same dimensions.
Hurricane shutter studs with wing nuts were used to assemble the structure. A wing nut socket was very handy for doing this.
The deck was build very strong with extra blocks at the center and roomfor a pier if I Ever wanted to add that.
Star plate at the truss connections.
Enclosing the structure was a custom cut tarp. The design does not require a special cut. A long tarp rectangular in design is all that is required to wrap the structure.
Finished tarpinstall.
Thomas Jefferson style book turntable wasused for the two laptops
Getting ready for anice night
At theeyepiece.
Good looking sumersky this night.
Red rope lightswere installedthru the structure
The round roof was made from PVC pipe with a tarp strung drum tight and was slide off. It can be seen on the east side in this picture.